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Nothing could be a more original and thoughtful present than a personalised history of someone in your family. 
With all the hustle and bustle of combining a busy life and a family, is there ever an opportunity to sit down with your parents and ask about your childhood? Or how your grandparents met? Or whether your mother was the under-8 disco dancing champion?
Our 'Memories' books have over 200 prompt questions which will help to build up a complete picture of someone's life for your family to treasure forever. 
The questions make writing an 'autobiography' just that much easier and it is amazing how many things you'll discover. And the completed books are a priceless delight that will be treasured forever, not only because they contain the stories of your family but also, importantly, because they are handwritten. Anyone who has lost a loved one know the joy that comes with discovering something so personal. 
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